30 December 2008

The Starting Point

Before diving deep into my journey of "going green," I'm taking moment to recognize the hurdles already crossed and the facets of my life where I already practice ecologically conscious living.

1. Recycling- we recycle #1 & 2 plastic, all types of paper and cardboard, aluminum and tin. We have mandatory curbside recycling and this is what the city will take. I really wish I could recycle up to #5 plastic but currently I have not been motivated enough to find a place that will take it.

2. Composting- we have been composting leaves, grass clipping and table scraps since we moved into our house a year and a half ago. Unfortunately, I didn't get a garden started this last summer (in my defense I was very pregnant) and thus didn't use the compost.

3. Cloth diapering- While I used disposable diapers for the first 20 mo of DS#1, I switched to cloth because I knew I couldn't afford to keep two kids in diapers. Now that I have both in cloth (DS#2 is almost 5 mo) I love it. Sure you might argue that the washing process means cloth diapers are not ecologically friendly. However I feel it is a better option. Plus by hanging diapers out to dry on sunny days lowers the electricity I use to dry them in the dryer.

4. Line drying clothing- When the whether permits I try to line dry my clothes outside. While I don't line dry as often as I would like, I must acknowledge that I do use my cloth line thus decreasing my use of the dryer.

5. Breastfeeding- I'm proud to say that I have been able to breastfeed both my children. Need I say more :).

6. Second Hand Shop- I try to buy all clothes for the boys at second hand shops or garage sales. I also keep a look out for things I need/want at second hand shops so I don't have to buy new.

7. Limit individually packaged foods- I say limit because I allow myself to buy individually packaged foods at the damaged foods store in town. Here is my logic whether it is sound or not. A grocery store bases its inventory on what is purchased. Thus they will stock more if people buy more. A damaged food store bases its inventory on what is damaged and can't be sold in the 'normal' grocery store.

So when I look at it I guess there are many things I'm already doing. Of course there are many more things I want to do. So I guess I just have to continue to do more.