09 January 2009

My goals for 2009

While the term New Year's Resolution bring up some negative connotations in my mind, mostly due to everyone saying I'll break them before Feb, I do feel goals are important. And writing them down is a great way of looking back on all my accomplishments. So here are my green living goals for this year.

Goal #1 Switch from paper product to cloth product
a. eliminate the need for paper towels, paper napkins and tissues by providing an adequate about of the cloth verity
b. eliminate the use of disposable feminine product by replacing with washable/reusable products
c. switch from paper to cloth for bathroom uses

Goal #2 Eliminate all commercial cleaning products with more natural, earth friendly ones

Goal #3 Do at least one load of laundry every other day and hang outside unless raining, snowing, sleeting or the like

Goal #4 Grow at least two types of herbs and two types of vegetables. Even if just in pots

Goal #5 Reduce the use of the car for running errands by at least half by walking or biking.

Goal #6 When the farmer's market is open buy all my fruit and vegetables there rather than the supermarket.

Goal #7 That I met at least half of the above goals by the end of 2009 :)

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